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Airlines Updates

DGCA notice period norms for pilots may hit airlines' expansion plans: CAPA

August 20th 2017 12:15AM
Mumbai: New DGCA notice period norms for airline commanders may hit the expansion plans of the domestic carriers besides significantly impacting ...

Even on their best behavior, passengers have to contend with airlines' poor service

August 19th 2017 11:13PM
It is the responsibility of the airline to create a check-in system that functions smoothly, to provide an airplane that comfortably fits all passengers, and ...

Airlines companies resume flights to Biratnagar

August 19th 2017 9:26PM
KATHMANDU, August 19: Airlines companies partly resumed their flights in the Kathmandu - Biratnagar sector on Saturday, after a weeklong halt due ...

The view from above: NASA, Alaska Airlines to fly special flight plans during total solar eclipse

August 19th 2017 8:57PM
And Alaska Airlines is operating a special flight to “chase” the Great American Eclipse (the moon's shadow will move at 1500 mph, whereas aircraft ...

American Airlines Reportedly Won't Take Action Against Tommy Lee for Joining the “Mile High Club”

August 19th 2017 8:52PM
According to the report, American Airlines sources claimed that no complaints were filed regarding Tommy Lee and Furlan having sex aboard a recent ...

The US Could Soon Have a New Budget Airline

August 19th 2017 7:33PM
The CEO of Sun Country Airlines announced in a memo this week that the airline will begin implementing passenger fees and expanding beyond its ...

Why Are Some Flights Operated by Another Airline's Planes and Crew?

August 19th 2017 7:15PM
Most people book flights with the assumption that they know which airline they will fly, which aircraft type will operate the flight, and often which ...

Of Air Koryo and Turkish Airlines, despots and dictators

August 19th 2017 5:30PM
AIR KORYO is the national airline of North Korea, headquartered in Pyongyang. Its fleet of 18 planes consists primarily of Soviet-made planes such as ...

Southwest Glitch Accidentally Pushes Elite Passengers To Steerage Class

August 19th 2017 5:07PM
A Southwest airline plane is seen on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on September 19, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. / AFP / Daniel ...

Solar Eclipse Offers Airlines a Shot at Boosting Profits

August 19th 2017 4:45PM
"Cosmic cocktails" with names like "Red Sky," "Stargazer" and "Sun Flare," will be served onboard select Southwest Airlines (LUV) flights, along with ...

Mile High Club Alert! Tommy Lee Banged His Girlfriend In The Bathroom Of An American Airlines ...

August 19th 2017 4:00PM
The most interesting news here though is that even though they were definitely found out after the fact, American Airlines isn't planning on doing ...

Hawaiian Airlines, Wyland Go Head to Head Over Murals

August 19th 2017 3:03PM
The future of two famed murals near Honolulu Airport remains uncertain as artist Wyland and Hawaiian Airlines square off over ownership rights.

Austrian Airlines

August 19th 2017 2:47PM

This Bride Is Suing American Airlines for Allegedly Ruining Her Wedding Dress

August 19th 2017 1:45PM
Following earlier incidents on airlines such as United and American, during which a man was dragged off a flight for refusing to give up his seat and a ...

Bride Sues, Says American Airlines Intenetionally Ruined Her Wedding Dress

August 19th 2017 1:33PM
American Airlines is facing legal charges from a customer who claims that one of their flight attendants intentionally ruined her wedding dress.

Mark Your Calendars and Save Time and Stress with TSA Pre ®, Come to Springfield

August 19th 2017 1:11PM
Once approved, travelers will receive a “Known Traveler Number” (which can be added to a travelers airline profile and reservations) and will have the ...

Delta Airlines increases its fees to fly pets in cabin

August 19th 2017 1:03PM
Yep, they raised the fee from $125 to $200 to fly a pet in cabin under seat. This will impact the ability of HSSTT and our other shelters and rescue ...

Several airlines among them Turkish Airlines Prepare to Enter the Costa Rican Market

August 19th 2017 11:07AM
With many new European airlines operating in the country the number of tourists from this continent has increased considerably. Efforts continue and ...

SAA suspends all Saturday flights between SA and Zimbabwe

August 19th 2017 10:56AM
“Now, it seems that tensions between Zimbabwe and South Africa are mounting, leading to airlines being grounded.” He called on Finance Minister ...

Regional flight prices in WA are likely to rise, according to Virgin Australia

August 19th 2017 10:56AM
But in their own submissions to the inquiry released this week, the airlines hit back. Virgin Australia said “most of the intrastate routes we serve in ...